AGU Fall Meeting 2017

List of abstracts presented:

Adrião, Á., Maia, M., Hemond, C., Kaczmarek, M.A., Briais, A., Vincent, C., Brunelli, D. (2017). Mechanical Mixing and Metamorphism of Mafic and Ultramafic Lithologies during Mylonisis at the St. Paul Transform System, Mid-Atlantic Ridge. AGU 2018, New Orleans (USA), Abstract T33D-0758.

Basch V., Rampone E., Crispini L., Ferrando C., Ildefonse B., Godard M. (2017) From mantle peridotites to hybrid troctolites: Textural, structural and geochemical evolution during multi-stage melt-rock interaction history. AGU Fall Meeting (American Geophysical Union), New Orleans (USA), Abstract n.V43D-0551.

Borghini G., Fumagalli P., Rampone E. (2017) Interactions between peridotite and pyroxenite-derived melts at mantle conditions: an experimental study at 2 GPa. AGU Fall Meeting (American Geophysical Union), New Orleans (USA), Abstract n.V33H-05.

Francomme J.E., Fumagalli P., Borghini G. (2017) – Role of pressure and melt composition on the origin of olivine-rich troctolite trhough reactive crystallization: an experimental study at 0.5 and 0.7 GPa. AGU Fall Meeting, New Orleans (U.S.A.). Abstract n.V43D-0553

Fumagalli P., Borghini G., Rampone E., Poli, S. (2017) Forsterite-Anorthite-CaTschermak-Enstatite (FACE): A geobarometer for plagioclase-bearing peridotites. AGU Fall Meeting (American Geophysical Union), New Orleans (USA), Abstract n.V33H-06.

Hemond, C., Brunelli, D., Maia, M., Prigent, S., Sichel, S.E. (2017) St Paul fracture zone intratransform ridge basalts (Equatorial Atlantic): Insight within the mantle source diversity (2017). AGU 2018, New Orleans (USA), Abstract T33D-07572017.

Rampone E., Borghini G., Class C., Goldstein S.L., Cai Y., Cipriani A., Zanetti A., Hofmann A.W. (2017) Meter-scale Hf isotopic changes in the MORB mantle by interaction with pyroxenite-derived melts: insight from the Ligurian Ophiolites (Italy). AGU 2018, New Orleans (USA), Abstract n.V33H-08.

Renna M.R., Tribuzio R., Sanfilippo A. (2017). Role of mantle source heterogeneity and melt/rock reaction in the formation of Jurassic MORB-type basalts (Alpine ophiolites). AGU 2018, New Orleans (USA), Abstract n.V51D-0381.

Vincent, C., Maia, M., Briais, A., Brunelli, D., Ligi, M., Adrião, A., Sichel, S.E. (2017) Particular Oceanic Core Complex evolution in an extremely low melt supply environment. AGU 2018, New Orleans (USA), Abstract T32C-05.