EMAW 2018

List of abstracts presented:

Basch, V., Rampone, E., Crispini, L., Ferrando, G., Godard, M. and Ildefonse, B. (2018) Geochemical evolution during poly-phase formation of the Erro-Tobbio troctolitic body (Ligurian Alps, Italy). Oral presentation.

Borghini, G., Fumagalli, P., Rampone, E. (2018) – Melt-rock interactions in a veined mantle: pyroxenite-peridotite experiments at 2 GPa. Poster presentation.

Fumagalli, P., Borghini, G., Francomme, J.E. (2018) – Melt-dunite interactions at 0.5 and 0.7 GPa: an experimental study on the origin of olivine-rich troctolites. Oral presentation.

Montanini, A., Tribuzio, R., Van Acken, D., Luguet, A. (2018) An undeformed pyroxenite-peridotite sequence from the External Ligurian ophiolites records multiple events of melt-rock interactions. Oral presentation.

Rampone, E., Borghini, G., Class, C.,  Goldstein, S.L., Cai, Y., Cipriani, A., Zanetti, A., Hofmann, A.W. (2018). Extreme Hf-depleted isotopic component in spinel pyroxenites from the Ligurian mantle (Italy). Oral presentation.

Renna M.R., Armandola S., Becker H., Wang Z., Tribuzio R., Sanfilippo A. (2018). Melt-rock reaction at the oceanic mantle-crust transition: evidence from highly siderophile and chalcogen elements in troctolites from the Jurassic Alpine ophiolites. Poster presentation.

Sanfilippo A., Salters V., Tribuzio R., Zanetti A. (2018). Melting a depleted mantle at Mid-Oceanic Ridges. Oral presentation.