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Goldschmidt Conference 2017

List of abstracts presented 

Brunelli, D., Cipriani, A., (2017). Pyroxenites sow Discord between Parent Mantle and Daughter MORB. Goldschmidt Abstracts 487. Oral presentation.

Cipriani, A., Brunelli, D. (2017). Mantle-Crust Isotopic Relationships along Mid Ocean Ridges: Constraints from the Analysis of Time Series. Goldschmidt Abstracts 700. Poster presentation.

Sanfilippo A. (2018). Reactive crystallization at the oceanic crust-mantle boundary and its role into the composition of the lower oceanic crust and erupted MORB.

Van Acken, D., Luguet, A., Montanini, A., Debaille, V., Tribuzio, R., Nowell, G.M., Daly, G.S. (2017). Pyroxenites as carriers of isotopic heterogeneity in the oceanic mantle. Goldschmidt Conference Abstracts 40.7. Poster presentation.

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