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Goldschmidt conference 2019

List of abstract presented:

Borghini, G., Fumagalli, P., Rampone, E. (2019) Melt-peridotite reactions in a veined mantle: pyroxenite-peridotite experiments at 2 GPa. Goldschmidt Abstracts, 2019, 336. Oral presentation.

Ferrari, E., Montanini, A., Secchiari, A., Tribuzio, R., Van Acken, D, Luguet, A. (2019) Record of melt-rock interaction inth e extending lithosphere (Ligurian mantle sequences, N Apennine, Italy). Goldschmidt Abstracts, 2019, 3413. Poster presentation.

Montanini, A., Tribuzio, R., Bosch, D., Rumbolo, T. (2019) Origin of chemical and Nd-Hf isotope heterogeneity in depleted mantle domains from the Alpine-Apennine ophiolites. Goldschmidt Abstracts, 2019, 2322. Poster presentation.

Rampone, E., Borghini, G., Class, C., Goldstein, S.L., Cipriani, A., Cai, Y., Hofmann, A.W., Zanetti, A., Fumagalli, P., Godard, M. (2019) The role of melt-rock reaction in creating Enriched-MORB mantle sources. Goldschmidt Abstracts, 2019, 2767.  Invited Keynote presentation at Session 06f: Magma-rock and melt-rock interactions in lithosphere and asthenosphere.

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