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List of abstract presented:

Basch, V., Rampone, E., Ferrando, C., Borghini, G., Zanetti A. (2019) pMelts modelling of depleted melts evolution in oceanic environment: Implications of pyroxenite formation as deep melt segregation. Rendiconti Online Società Geologica Italiana, doi: 10.3301/ABSGI.2019.05, p. 292. Poster presentation.

Borghini, G., Fumagalli, P. (2019) Partial melting experiments on olivine-free pyroxenites at 2 GPa.

Borghini, G., Fumagalli, P., Rampone, E. (2019) Peridotite modification via reaction with pyroxenite-derived andesitic melts: an experimental study at 2 GPa.

Ferrari, E., Montanini, A., Secchiari, A., Bosch, D., Cluzel, D. (2019). Pyroxenite diversity in the New Caledonia mantle sequence: a preliminary study. Rendiconti Online Società Geologica Italiana, doi: 10.3301/ABSGI.2019.05, p. 297. Interactive Extended Session presentation.

Fumagalli, P., Borghini, G., Klemme, S., Rampone, E. (2019) Major and trace elements distribution during high-pressure melt-peridotite reaction: experiments at 2 GPa.

Grammatica, M., Fumagalli, P., Borghini, G. (2019) The role of melt/rock ratio in olivine-rich troctolite formation via basalt-dunite reaction: an experimental study at 0.5 GPa.

Malaspina, N., Langenhorst, F., Montanini, A. (2019) The oxidation state of C-S-bearing garnet clinopyroxenites from External Liguride (Italy) and Beni Bousera (Morocco): a TEM-EELS study. Rendiconti Online Società Geologica Italiana, doi: 10.3301/ABSGI.2019.05, p. 219. Interactive Extended Session presentation.

Montanini, A., Secchiari, A., Bosch, D., Tribuzio, R. (2019) Pb isotope composition of recycled mantle pyroxenites: insights into the the HIMU source of oceanic basalts? Rendiconti Online Società Geologica Italiana, doi: 10.3301/ABSGI.2019.05, p. 304. Oral presentation.

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