Research Team

Our research team consists of four Research Units (Genova, Milano, Parma, Pavia) having a wide experience in the study of mantle processes.

Within the project workflow, each Research Unit will be mostly involved on, and committed to coordinate, specific subjects: Milano for the experimental petrology task, Genova for petrology and geochemistry of pyroxenites in fertile mantle peridotites, Parma for petrology and geochemistry of pyroxenites in the depleted oceanic mantle, Pavia for petrology and geochemistry of replacive dunites.

The Principal Investigator (PI) is Elisabetta Rampone (Genova). The Research Unit responsibles are Patrizia Fumagalli (Milano), Alessandra Montanini (Parma) and Riccardo Tribuzio (Pavia)

Group picture

Established collaborations with qualified international laboratories allow to access techniques unavailable in the home institutions, and guarantee the integration of different methodologic approaches on a specific target.

International collaborations: